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The following poker sites have a wide variety of tables and games to suit all skill levels.
Play poker with fixed bet sizes, or go all in with No Limits poker, with various table limits.

bodog poker room

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One of the coolest online poker rooms, Play live against other players at BOVADA POKER

Play live against other online players. To take part you pay a small percentage
of the hand - the 'rake' - to the house, then the hand winner keeps the pot..
You can play in public tables, reserved private tables with friends, or take part
in poker tournaments for those big money prizes - Great fun.
LasVegasUSA and sponsor the Fox Sports Network tournament 'Monte Carlo Millions'
so there are plenty of new players joining up regularly. If your are a beginner, you can be sure of a friendly and secure game here. You will soon pick up the rules, and maybe next year, you will be playing with the pros in Monte Carlo !!

ENTER BOVADA POKER (US players only)

uk poker - BET 365 POKER

BET 365 POKER - great poker room for newbies.
lots of hints, tips and help guides, and beginners poker rooms..

Ecogra approved online casino with live multiplayer tables:
Lots of new players from the TV adverts broadcast in the UK.
If you are a poker newbie, you can play against other beginners to learn the game, before advancing to the higher limit tables to test your skills against more experience players.


Top Poker Hints for Beginners.

Here are some basic tips for the simplest strategies for playing winning poker. If you follow this advice you may not win every time, but you'll certainly reduce your losses.

- All good poker sites offer fun games, where you can learn to play with free chips. The Bodog poker room offers free poker tournaments, just like their real money games, where you can learn the software and tactics. Don't go rushing in with your own money unprepared..

- Know your own skill level, and if you think the people at your table are better than you are, then just move to another table. It is not too good to be the only fish at a table full of sharks.

- Keep your concentration - sometimes a great hand might not be so great if you miss an even better hand opposite..

- There are tables to suit every bankroll. You need to have enough chips to play with to maximise a good hand. If you are playing at the table with where the blinds are too high, or you get short stacked, then you are putting yourself at a big disadvantage

- Don't raise if you can't handle someone re-raising . You need to be prepared if someone decides to play aggressively with you ..

- Don't play too many hands - this is a common mistake. Only play the hands that you have a good change of winning form the get go. Don't be left hanging on till the river hoping for that one card

- If you are playing at a table long enough, try to pick up trends in others play that you can use to your advantage.

- Don't go on tilt. Playing dumb after you've just won or lost big will see your stack reduced to zero pretty rapidly

- Try not to get emotional at the table. Everyone has a bad run occasionally, and getting angry or upset can make you lose judgement and play badly. You're better to take some time off to cool out, instead of losing even more money.

- Similiarly, don't chase any losses. If you lose a big pot then try not to worry - If your strategy is good, you will recoup any losings eventually Just don't try to rush it. Poker can be a game of patience as much as skill

- Always try to keep learning to improve your game. Read as much info as you can while making sure that any advice and tips are relevant to your game. Don't be afraid to ignore any tips that go against your established strategy especially if that strategy is working for you. Everyone finds their own individual style that works best.

- Know your own nature and play the game you're comfortable with. If you have an aggressive style, then you will generally be more successful in playing an aggressive game. If you're more cautious then it is often best to play prudently.
If you're playing in a style you are not comfortable with, a good player will see you coming a mile off.

- On the other hand, try not to get predictable. Occasionally adjust your playing style as you play so that others find it hard to get a fix on reading your hand. You don't want everyone else to fold immediantly, after you waited out for that great hand. So don't completely abandon your style - just don't be afraid to adjust it

- If you are new to poker, then the TV shows can be a great help in learning the ropes. Try to imagine what you would do with the hands dealt, and see how your play matches up to the Pros decisions.

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